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We are living in a historic moment in the economic, political and social spheres, and it is necessary to take comprehensive approaches that go beyond these separate issues.

The arrival of the SARS-COVID2 pandemic has accelerated the changes that were already underway, serving as a catalyst for a series of processes that threaten the freedom and security of the inhabitants of planet Earth. Every Saturday at 20:00 presents "The Great Reset", a program in which Cesar Vídal and Lorenzo Ramírez analyze this revolution through which social engineers intend to lead the human race to a new time of physical and spiritual slavery.

Every Saturday at 8:00 pm.

With Cesar Vidal and Lorenzo Ramirez.


Cristina Seguí denounces in this program, in a clear and emphatic way, the actions that, under the umbrella of the search for gender equality, have led to create a real financial and embezzling apparatus that makes millionaires of politicians and media queens, terrorizes judges and businessmen with feminist civil guerrillas stationed in the courts, and mistreats women who, if you want to escape the yoke, must declare themselves feminists and work to enrich their "sisters".

Every Sunday at 20:00.


A journey through the history and culture of the U.S. South through its music by the guidance of César Vidal.

Every Sunday at 21:00.


A trip to the boxing of yesterday, today and always.

With César Vidal and Gustavo Vidal.

Saturdays at 21:00.


Cinema has rightly been called the Seventh Art. Precisely for this reason, it is essential to know it in order to understand the culture, society and daily life - and not infrequently, politics and economics - of our last two centuries. Week after week, we will be approaching the great films of history in a journey full of epic, love, beauty and emotion. These will be recommendations for the enjoyment of culture and entertainment - don't miss it!!!!

By César Vidal.

Fridays at 21:00.

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